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Another insane Delta White porn scene is here for you lucky guys. She went out with her friends the other night and ended up hanging out with the band that had a concert that night there. Delta had a thing for lead singer and she didn’t want to go home until she got his phone number. Delta was so anxious to get to him better and beside that she never fucked with a lead singer in a rock band. So the next day she gave him a call and went with her gals over at the studio to see him rehearse with the band.


After they finished the rest of the guys left to eat and DeltaWhite and her gals stayed to help him clean the place. She just couldn’t take her eyes away from him and he surely noticed it. So when they got next to each other he grabbed her and started making out. Delta didn’t want to leave her gals out of it so in the end they all ended up riding his hard cock. While Delta was getting his cock deep in her pussy the gals started licking each other’s pussy and massaging each other’s huge juggs. So don’t miss it out! Also you can join sexy Michelle Thorne‘s blog and see a busty pornstar in hardcore sex scenes!

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Delta’s Rough Ride – Daring Sex Scene

Smoking hot Delta White is back and she brought you guys her latest scene. The other day Delta was extremely angry because she had some financial problems and her landlord was calling her five times a day to remind her out her monthly rent. She had no problems with her old landlord, but he had to sell her apartment and she got stuck with this annoying guy that kept on calling her repeatedly. So after she called all of her friends to borrow some money and all of them refused her, she gave her landlord a call to meet with him.

DeltaWhite cleaned the place and waiting for him an entire afternoon. Of course he was two hours late and when he arrived Delta was extremely angry, but that changed once she opened the door. There he was, this hot guy, much younger that her other landlord that was checking her out. So she invited him in, offered him a coffee and explained her problem. She was kind of interested in him so she asked him if she couldn’t pay him in a different way. Once he heard it, he didn’t need to think it thru and before you know it they started fucking all over the place. Delta just couldn’t get enough of his hard tool stuffing her pussy. Check it out! Also you might enter the site and see some kinky ladies getting their tight cunts stretched!



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Jizz Fest

Another day, another cock for our hot inked babe, Delta White. The other day she received a phone call from an agency and wanted to hire her for a commercial. She didn’t even knew that she applied for it but a few extra bucks are always welcomed. The next morning she jumped in a cab and went to the address they told her on the phone. Once she arrived there she got an outfit to wear for her audition and some lines that she had to say. So she waited patiently in the lobby with the rest of the gals and while they were chatting she found out that this commercial was extremely well paid.


When Delta White heard her name she entered this room that got all kind of old furniture pieces in it. She started reading her lines, but by the looks of the director, he wasn’t very interested in her. So after they finished the audition she tried to the get the part her own way. So she went to the director and started talking with him, while rubbing against his pants. Before you know it Delta was on her knees with his big cock in her mouth sucking it until she got covered with creamy loads of cum. Enjoy it and if you liked it don’t forget to visit website and watch other slutty chicks sucking big cocks!

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Delta White Getting Fucked on Brazzers

Our hot and busty babe Delta White brought us another hardcore fucking scene. Since she wasn’t seeing anyone exclusively she didn’t have anyone to take care of her house. And as always these things always happen when you expected them the least. The other night after she finished eating she noticed that she had water all over her kitchen floor. So she started checking out her pipes and she went in her basement to see where it all started. Once she got there she saw that her main water pipes were broke and she had the entire house filled with water. She called her usual plumber to come over but he wasn’t in town so he sent a replacement.

When he appeared at her door step, Delta saw this hot guy all dirty and tired from all that hard work. She thought that things didn’t went so wrong after all. After he finished fixing her pipes Delta let him take a shower in her bedroom. When her cute plumber got out of the bathroom, found Delta taking off her clothes in front of him. She took off his towel and  dragged him to the bed. She got his hard cock stuffed deep in every hole over and over again. Check it out! If you liked this blonde and you’re looking for similar material, visit the site! Have fun!


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Morning Fuck

Delta White woke up this morning extremely horny so she had to do something about it. Then she remembered about her hot neighbor that recently moved next to her house. So she put on her black top and her short jeans and went over him to ask him if he can borrow her some sugar. He started laughing when he heard her and invited her in to drink her coffee at his place. He noticed that she kept looking at him so he tried out his luck. He took her upstairs to asked her for her opinion about his new carpet. Delta was more than pleased to help him out and after she thought to try out his bed as well. So she started taking off her clothes one by one and slowly showing off her amazing curves.

delta-white-cuttie-poundedWhen he saw her completely naked there was nothing else to do. They started ripping off each other’s clothes and once Delta saw his big cock she started sucking it and didn’t stop until she got cum all over her. Then she spread her legs and stuffed his hard cock deep in her pussy and started riding it like crazy. So don’t miss out this insane scene and we’ll be back as promised next week with another hot update. Enjoy it and don’t forget to visit blog if you’re looking for similar galleries!

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Hardcore Hammering

Delta White got herself a new man for the weekend so she visit him at work with her friends. Her gals were hoping to find some guys for themselves there but no luck they were all out for their break. After Delta finished talking with him they went to a store close to his shop to waste some time so the gals could meet some of her man’s coworkers. But time passed so quickly and by the time they returned the guys were closing the store.

Delta entered to help him clean up but after her friends waited for half an hour they knew there was happening much more then cleaning and they were so right. When they entered the room, they found Delta riding his hard cock, so they thought to join in. Before you know it they started taking turns on his hard tool and licking each other’s juicy pussy. So don’t miss this insane fucking and sucking scene and we’ll see you next week with more update. Check it out or enter the blog and see other busty ladies getting wet and wild!


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