Morning Fuck

Delta White woke up this morning extremely horny so she had to do something about it. Then she remembered about her hot neighbor that recently moved next to her house. So she put on her black top and her short jeans and went over him to ask him if he can borrow her some sugar. He started laughing when he heard her and invited her in to drink her coffee at his place. He noticed that she kept looking at him so he tried out his luck. He took her upstairs to asked her for her opinion about his new carpet. Delta was more than pleased to help him out and after she thought to try out his bed as well. So she started taking off her clothes one by one and slowly showing off her amazing curves.

delta-white-cuttie-poundedWhen he saw her completely naked there was nothing else to do. They started ripping off each other’s clothes and once Delta saw his big cock she started sucking it and didn’t stop until she got cum all over her. Then she spread her legs and stuffed his hard cock deep in her pussy and started riding it like crazy. So don’t miss out this insane scene and we’ll be back as promised next week with another hot update. Enjoy it and don’t forget to visit blog if you’re looking for similar galleries!

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