Delta’s Rough Ride – Daring Sex Scene

Smoking hot Delta White is back and she brought you guys her latest scene. The other day Delta was extremely angry because she had some financial problems and her landlord was calling her five times a day to remind her out her monthly rent. She had no problems with her old landlord, but he had to sell her apartment and she got stuck with this annoying guy that kept on calling her repeatedly. So after she called all of her friends to borrow some money and all of them refused her, she gave her landlord a call to meet with him.

DeltaWhite cleaned the place and waiting for him an entire afternoon. Of course he was two hours late and when he arrived Delta was extremely angry, but that changed once she opened the door. There he was, this hot guy, much younger that her other landlord that was checking her out. So she invited him in, offered him a coffee and explained her problem. She was kind of interested in him so she asked him if she couldn’t pay him in a different way. Once he heard it, he didn’t need to think it thru and before you know it they started fucking all over the place. Delta just couldn’t get enough of his hard tool stuffing her pussy. Check it out! Also you might enter the site and see some kinky ladies getting their tight cunts stretched!



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